Bridal gifts&
Bridal attendants and groomsmen deserve the best recognition for making your day a special one.  Guest favours can be simple and understated or elaborate to make an impact
Special Event  & 
Table Scapes
We handle all the details including choosing the right venue Floral arrangements & all your rental needs....We customize your event to fit your budget!
Birthdays, Christenings, Engagements, Graduations
Fundraisers, Gala events, Milestone
events, Birth announcements. 


Enhance employees’ lifestyle, improve customer loyalty and attract 
new clients for your business.
Employee/Client gifts
 Holiday & Retirement events
 Luxury Vehicle rental,  
Overnight accomodations


    Bridal & Wedding
To have a fun and memorable wedding, it pays to have a plan. Providing you with a complimentary initial consultation, you can sit with our planners and have us create a road map for your wedding. Let us handle all the details....Let us make your day...
You will come away with the ultimate master wedding plan.